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Meet Annemarie

Certified Cell Re-Active Trainer, Yoga and Pilates instructor

I am Annemarie Diaz Fraenkel, originally from Vienna, Austria, raised as a child in South America, returned to Vienna for high school then studied hotel management in Switzerland for university. This multi-cultural upbringing allowed me to become fluent in different languages, but as well developing a curiosity in other professions and ways of thinking. 

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My Story

In 1991 I started training in Yoga, which introduced me to the overall concept of physical wellbeing. I loved it so much I became a certified Yoga instructor, wanting to help other people and have them experience the benefits I was enjoying. Within the gym sessions I discovered Pilates, which was unexpectedly very challenging. But the positive changes of my body drove me to keep going and also obtain certifications, teaching both since 2001. 

Realizing something was missing, especially how the body functions in movement, I joined the Franklin Method Education trainers and became certified. Dealing with physical conditions of my clients and my desire to help them, geared me to study and certify in Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT).   

In order to satisfy more rigid clients with discomforts, I went to Germany several times to study Sensomotorics with my wonderful teacher Beate Hagen. Those gentle movements allowed more range of motion to my clients with movement limitations. At this point I felt I knew a lot about the human body, until I personally experienced the effects of cell reactive training during one of my trips to Germany in 2017. I was so impressed with the immediate reactions and decided to learn more about this method. After studying under David Overbeck, the originator of Theralogy and Cell Reactive Training, I became certified in April of 2019, the first person in the United States with this certification,  and have since been practicing successfully in southern Florida. 

My mission is to help people to become happier, healthier and improve their quality of life, make a difference in our world and expand this new concept in the US and abroad.

I am looking forward to bringing the benefits of Cell Reactive Training to you. 
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