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Cell Re-Active Training

All functions of our body - moving, thinking, feeling - even all of our organ functions, are made possible by actively working cells. Cell Re-Active Training is a German developed methodology that has been practiced for over 15 years, with over 450 active certified Trainers with an additional 1000+ pursuing certification. 

In order for these cells to be able to perform their physiological work without interference, cells communicate with one another in order to actively work together.

The more cells work together synchronously, the more stable the body's function and performance becomes. The cooperation can be permanently disturbed if cells are exposed to a blow during their active phase, such as:

  • A mechanical shock (accident)

  • Chemical shock (toxins)

  • Emotional blow (shock)


Affected cells of this kind can fall into a seemingly inactive standby mode and thus no longer cooperate physiologically. The remaining active cells have to then compensate for this loss of performance. This can lead to noticeable abnormal sensations creating dysfunction or pain.

This is exactly where the Cell Re-Active training comes in, where we pursue 3 training goals.

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Since not all cells can be reached at the same time, one proceeds step by step. Often you will feel how your body starts to work during the first Cell Re-Active training session. Each of your reactions helps your trainer understand what your individual needs are. The more cells in your body that are physiologically reactivated, the more active, healthy and energized you will feel. 


As a cell reactive trainer, I am specialized in putting together an individual cell reactive training for you to allow your body to achieve the performance suitable to your needs. This is not a therapy or medical treatment, but a training, comparable with a routine of exercising. The more you train, the faster the you'll see the desired results.

Immediate Results?

While training, the cell reactivation occurs automatically and cannot be controlled deliberately. As the body starts working, the self-healing powers are activated. Small blockages can be dissolved after a few minutes which can easily be noticed by most clients. Let's compare it to a rigorous house cleaning. Before the house looks appealing, the mess has to be cleared up first. Through the cell reactive training, the body will start detoxifying.  Acidity and fluids may be expelled from the body. 

Faster results are achieved when you continue the training at home, wearing the redaters (a special tool uniquely designed for activating inactive cells). Eventually all of the cells can be reactivated and therefore symptoms can improve or even disappear. 

Through this special training, people, such as athletes, can improve performance, or those with acute and recent injuries can see benefits from this technique.

This training does not interfere with medications, health conditions, therapies and other treatments. It can safely be used by people of any age (babies, children, and adults alike).        

If this catches your curiosity and you want to experience how well your cells work together, I encourage you to try your first consultation with me, which normally takes about one hour. You may be surprised! 

Videos below are results from actual recipients of Therology training.

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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Injury Helped with Redaters

Injury Helped with Redaters

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Richard Swinging Golf Club

Richard Swinging Golf Club

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Nervous System

Nervous System

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Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident

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Client Testimonials

Blue Water

I had a sudden, sharp pain in my ankle, and overnight I was debilitated, pain was so bad, swollen foot, 

I couldn’t sleep, eat, or walk, on a scale 0-10, pain was 11!! 

I was in Agony!


Annemarie was so quick, kind and caring, she responded right away and came to my house same day, as an emergency visit.


After the treatment I felt a big relief, swelling went visibly down, inflammation was much less, and pain went down to 5, in less then an hour.


Annemarie’s treatment and her cell-reactive therapy with Redaters did a very impressive improvement.

If you tried it all and nothing worked, I recommend it to everyone who had been injured,  or in pain! 

It works!!! 

This is the medicine of the future - available today!”

Michael, 2023

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